Patriotic Hearts is our 501c3 non-profit. We provide several unique programs for veterans, active and transitioned, and for the businesses that employ them.

Here is a summary of our programs for you to utilize:

1) We began as in 2004. It is now known as, since we serve all military branches. It was and is a simple job board for residents to participate in showing their appreciation for their sacrifices and service. We encourage US residents to look around their homes and yards to find chores, repairs, etc. so that they can hire a local US veterans or their spouses to do for them. -- We have employed over 200,000 US veterans from this One Day/ Off Duty job board. It is free to post jobs. And the only ones making any money are the veterans that do the work.

2) also has a full-time job board for companies that appreciate the discipline and hard work that veterans offer. This job board is connected to over 100 other job boards, to the social networks, and to all of our 77 local HirePatriots job boards across America. 

HirePatriots provides these websites and job boards to any veteran org. school. business, municipality, church, etc. for a donation of any amount. We provide the hosting and webmaster for free. They are customized for you. 

3) US Military Maintenance is a program to create successful veteran business owners and to employ US veterans at good wages. -- We have developed dozens of these business across America. Veterans are able to make $10 K+ in their first month and grow from there. 

We also have an opportunity for veterans supporters to invest in these businesses and to receive a 5% return on their investment every month!

Here is an article that gives more detail: How To Solve Veteran Unemployment

4) US Veterans Bootcamp Hiring Events: We have developed a much better way to get veterans employed that has replaced our job fairs. 40%+ of veterans that attend these events get hired. 

5) Military Marriage Retreats These are 3-day, all expenses paid retreats held at luxurious and romantic locations. These are an important part of our making sure that veteran are work-ready. Too many military marriages are on the rocks because of the stress, hardships, and long deployments. -- These retreats reignite their love and save families. 

6) Advocating for US Veterans: We teach veterans and their supporters how to do what we do to promote patriotism and honor for those that serve in the US Military. 

We use TV News appearances, Talk radio, Newspapers, blogging, public speaking opportunities, and book publication to promote the appreciation for and the support of our beloved US veterans. 

We teach veterans and businesses how to do all the above.

7) Soar to Success Seminars: We prepare people from all demographics to understand why they behave the way they do and how to change their destructive and non-productive habits into living a stable, success, happier life that benefits others. We hold these at schools, colleges, businesses, conventions, retreats, churches, and our hiring events to prepare future employees to achieve better at their vocations. -- We utilize a breakthrough method created by Jeff Morris, a US Marine veteran, and a nationally recognized innovator in neural behavior transformation.


USMilitaryMaintenance This is a job board for sport coaches. We certify coaches that complete our Coaching America’s Kids program. This is not exclusively for US veterans, but military training is an excellent foundation for coaching. We encourage veterans to consider participating in school, club, and volunteer coaching. It can change the life of a child for the good that will last forever.

TV & Radio Interviews:

PEOPLE Magazine (April 1, 2013) “America’s Heroes Among Us”:


An American Crisis: Veterans' Unemployment


The Patriotic Business Plan: Strategies for Sensational Success


The Congressional Medal of Merit: From President Bush:

President's National Leadership Medal: From President Obama

The Visionary Award for Creating Economic Development: From San Diego:

The Extra Mile Award: From the Chamber of Commerce:

The Leadership Award: From ABC TV:

Mark and Tori Baird
: Founders

Please contact us if you would like to receive any of our assistance, or if you serve US veterans that do. We are solely dependent on donations. All donations are spent directly on US veterans, except for basic operating expenses: 760-730-3734

Patriotic Hearts’ Board Members:
Mark Baird
Tori Baird
Tom Rippy
Alphonso Simmons
Marcus Flakes


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