Patriotic Hearts Mission:

Patriotic Hearts' mission is to create effective economic stability and enhancement programs that assists U.S. Military, veterans and their families and aids their return to the civilian sector as healthy, successful and important contributors to the American way of life; and, to educate the US citizenry about their valiant sacrifices and value to our nation.

Our U.S. military, particularly the lower and mid-range enlisted and their families, often endure extreme financial stress, coupled with multiple, lengthy deployments and the rigors of military life. And our transitioning veterans often take years before catching up with their civilian peers and securing sustainable employment. This lengthy financial stress takes its toll.

Patriotic Hearts seeks to encourage US residents and businesses to HONOR these valiant defenders of our country’s peace through the programs we have developed that have helped hundreds of thousands of our US veterans, over the last 14 years.

In response to this burgeoning crisis, Patriotic Hearts has developed several programs.

  • Vet-Entrepreneur Mentoring
  • Military Marriage Enrichment Retreats
  • Career & Personal Counseling
  • US Military Maintenance
  • Helping Homeless US Veterans Job Boards: is our flagship website. It has two job boards and two blog posting sections. We have a Careers job board for US veterans and their spouses who are looking for more permanent employment.

And we have our one-of-a-kind One Day/Off Duty job board for the US military and their spouse.
These are jobs posted by local residents that need help with chores and repairs around their homes and yards. is a nationwide veteran employment program. We offer communities across America their own websites for their local community to employ their area’s US military, veterans and their spouses. Read More

Vet-Entrepreneur Mentoring: Not all US veterans want a job. Some want to start their own businesses. We have developed a complete program for marketing their business to get new accounts and customers. We have written a guide for them too: The Patriotic Business Plan, a book that shows vet-entrepreneurs how to become a sensation in their area or across the country.

US Military Maintenance: We have also created a business for US veterans to own: US Military Maintenance. We provide everything they need to get started: equipment, website, biz cards, bid sheets, shirts, marketing plan and mentoring every step of the way. They own these businesses and commit to hiring other US veterans as we help them grow.

Career & Personal Counseling: Every day we assist US veterans across America in preparing properly for getting the right jobs for them. This begins with a review and rewrite of their resumes. Then we coach them and make sure that they are indeed ‘work ready.’ Afterwards, we look at various companies and job openings and prepare them for being interviewed. Then we call those companies and set appointments with a decision maker.

We also host job fairs and specialized hiring events for them. We rent out a facility, nearby or on a US military base. Then we search for companies that are seriously looking to hire US veterans to fill their open positions. These job fairs run for 4 hours. We have participated in hosting many of these events..

Military Marriage Enrichment Retreats: These are 3 day, all expenses paid retreats for married US military and veterans. Sadly, our US military endures a tremendously high divorce rate. These retreats have enriched every couple’s marriage that have attended. Our US veterans endure enough hardship. Losing their families is too much to ask. These retreats saves marriages and keep their families together. Read More

Homeless US Veterans: We participate with local agencies and churches to feed, clothe, and counsel US veterans who have fallen on hard times.

Additional Programs:

Coaching Kids Sports: Patriotic Hearts encourages U.S. Veterans to consider coaching kids. Their military training and discipline make them particularly excellent coaching candidates. Coaches can have a profound, lifetime influence on kids. Athletics teach so many life lessons that are very useful in becoming a success at whatever a child chooses to do. There are also many opportunities for becoming a professional coach in a myriad of sports after developing a resume in athletics or personal training. So we have created a special website and job board for U.S. veterans to use so that they can inspire kids to excel in all that they do. To provide these jobs we have created this job board for them:

Patriotic Hearts’ Board Members:
Mark Baird
Tori Baird
Tom Rippy
Alphonso Simmons
Marcus Flakes


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